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When the tattoo business was blooming in Belgium, Eddy was one of the first pioneers to start a shop in the heart of Antwerp, in the red-light district, in the 1980's. TATTOO EDDY is the last "survivor" of those pioneers and still established on the same location.


Over the years, Eddy taught his son Levi how to become a professional tattoo artist, hoping he would one day take over the business. Levi also learned how to make his own machines, as his father. It puts a stamp on the character of every tattoo he makes.


"Tattooing with your own machines is knowing what you're doing"


Today, Levi is the proud owner of TATTOO EDDY! Together, with his father and girlfriend Sarah, they will keep the family business running while his passion for Tattooing will always get stronger!

His son, Levi 1988

Eddy Tattoo

Father & Son since 1980



Eddy Tattoo - Falconplein 15 - 2000 Antwerpen - 032337739 - 0479354435